Thursday, February 04, 2010

angels and heroes and friends, oh my.

i was deep in the woods, but i wasn't alone...and i didn't know it 'til i called out to be found.

the answer was, "yes."

beautiful word.

say it again.

Monday, February 01, 2010


to the lost and found...the bored and the curious...the fallen and the resurrected...the ill and the well...the faithless and cowards and heroes...the mad and the merry...the coupled and the single...the forgotten and recalled...the bereft and the beloved: take everything you’ve learned and turn it into everything you love.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

her name is evelyn.

for the past two years, i have been directing a documentary that celebrates those who have chosen to stand up to the myriad challenges of life, who take each difficulty and turn it into an opportunity...people who walk the path of a hero. my mother is one of the interviewees. she was chosen, not because she is the director’s mother, but because she is, by any application of the definition, a hero in her own life.

she was third of nine in a working class white southern family, whose father was only home long enough to procreate and punish, whose mother loved and spanked with equal conviction, whose oldest sister patiently shared the responsibility of raising 8 willful children.

she dreamed of leaving the tiny carolina town, of living in a place that could hold her defiant energy, of singing, of finding her light. in her travels, she met her famous mate, and they moved to the biggest city in the world, where she lived in his light and, years later, brought me in to live there, too.

he took her around the world and to the white house. we reveled in the rarefied air of celebrity, and swirled in the dark and drunken world of underappreciated genius. the three of us, with all our love and good humor, were an easy match for the glamour, but not for the dysfunction. they loved and fought and loved and wept. was this the drama of which she’d dreamed?

she ran with him, me in tow, from metropolis to mountain, from mountain to prairie, and back to the start, stopping only to lick wounds and locate the joy amidst the madness. it took years, and one more move, to rebuild lives that had been pummeled by choice and circumstance.

she never left, though she threatened. she made mistakes, no more or less than any good human being. but she loved as unconditionally as a woman can love, and when he died at too young an age, at the shimmering edge of hard-earned peace and fresh promise, she crumbled before she could find her way on her own.

through the constant challenges, with the hidden blessings of illness and loss, in conscious surrender to prevailing forces, she accessed her original strength, tapped into a will forged in the fires of this relentless life, and she has found her own brilliant light.

so, she is a hero, though she will not accept the laurel. she is my hero. i am ever grateful to have joined her on this journey, and ever proud to be her daughter.

Monday, January 11, 2010

fun with craigslist, part two

now you can have the IKEA skruvsta swivelpod chair you white - $50 (DTLA)

Date: 2010-01-11, 2:48PM PST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

you know this chair. it's comfy, height-adjustable, and it rolls oh so smoothly.

buy it new here:

or buy it used from me: yes, it has wrinkles in the seat; i sat in it for a year. if you bought it new, YOUR seat would eventually have wrinkles, too. so, this is PRE-WRINKLED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. it's perfectly functional, undamaged, and clean. and it's SO much less expensive.

come to my loft with the requisite cash, and it's all yours.

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fun with craigslist, part one

hold the history of rock 'n' roll in your hands... - $250 (downtown LA)

Date: 2010-01-11, 1:27PM PST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] actual, undigitized, unbound copies of ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE. read about rock the way it was MEANT to be read! see it! feel it! touch it! smell it! it's f-ing ROCK 'N' ROLL, for god's sake!

the prices next to each issue are what you'd pay if you purchased from -- but don't. they're all yours for a quarter of a grand. GREAT (and cheap!) gifts for friends born in the day.

out-of-country spammers: i'm on to you. don't waste my time.

8/9 rickie lee jones $18
10/18 sissy spacek (interview by cameron crowe) $18
11/1 martin sheen (apocalypse now) $18
11/15 bonnie raitt/bruce springsteen/carly simon/james taylor/jackson browne/graham nash/john hall (muse) $20
11/29 the eagles $20
1/10/80 1979 year in music $12

1/24 rock & roll tragedy (11 die @cincinnati who concert) $12
4/3 linda ronstadt $15
4/17 the clash $15
5/29 the pretenders $15
6/12 ted kennedy $18
7/10 john travolta $18
7/24 billy dee williams/mark hamill/carrie fisher/harrison ford (star wars/empire) $50
8/7 jackson browne $15
10/2 robert redford $15
10/16 pat benatar $15
10/30 the cars $15
11/13 mary tyler moore $15
11/27 michael douglas/jill clayburgh (it’s my turn) $12
1/8/81 1980 year in music $15

1/22 john & yoko $250
2/19 the police $15
3/5 goldie hawn $15
3/19 warren zevon $18
4/2 roman polanski $15
5/14 inside the gun lobby $15
5/28 susan sarandon (white palace) $15
6/25 harrison ford (raiders) $20
7/9 margot kidder $15
7/23 tom petty $15
8/6 rickie lee jones $15
8/20 bill murray $15
9/3 stevie nicks $15
9/17 jim morrison $30
10/1 yoko $15
10/15 meryl streep $15
11/26 bill hurt $15

4/29 john belushi $30
5/27 natassia kinski $15
7/22 E.T. $25
8/19 jeff bridges (tron) $15
9/16 robin williams $15

8/4 carrie fisher/darth vader (star wars/jedi) $50

8/15 live aid $18

10/23 tina turner (torn) $10

9/8 100 best singles of the last 25 years $20
12/29 yearbook $20

7/27 the who (double issue) $18
7/29 michael keaton (batman) $15
12/28 yearbook $20

9/6 m.c. hammer $15

11/12 history of rock & roll photography $20

1/27 kurt cobain interview $20
6/2 kurt cobain memorial $40
9/22 jerry seinfeld as elvis $15
1/12/95 david letterman (double issue) $20

9/30 fifty greatest portraits $35

3/24 hunter s. thompson memorial $20
5/19 orlando bloom (gladiator) $15
6/16 dave matthews band $12

5/3 #1 of 3 special anniversary issues $35
7/12 #2 of 3 $25
11/15 #3 of 3 $20

4/2 gossip girl/ice cream cone $12

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Friday, January 08, 2010

eero aero.

the first time i flew alone, i was 12 years old, flying to LAX from JFK for my first summer vacation with my godparents. i flew TWA. i told mom and dad i always wanted to fly TWA because they made the best scrambled eggs (as covered in a previous post) and had the most beautiful terminal at JFK...before i knew who eero saarinen was, i loved his work. practically magical...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Sometimes you've got to let everything go...

...purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything -- whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you'll find that when you're free, your true creativity, your true self, comes out." - Tina Turner

Monday, January 21, 2008